Social Media and it’s effects on teens

Social Media and it's effects on teens

Olivia Wasilewski, Reporter

Social media has an incredible impression on teenagers, especially nowadays because of the amount of downtime we have considering how much the pandemic changed our lives. Now that people are not fully in school, or whatever the case may be, screen time for many people have abruptly increased.

Instagram: Students are constantly looking at their feed on their instagrams of celebrities and their peers. Being forced to look at the ‘beauty standard’can sometimes decrease the self-esteem of many people. For example, some style and fashion icons are Emma Chamberlain, Kylie Jenner, Harry Styles and Steve Madden. When you come across these posts on instagram, it effects people and their mental health because of the way they view themselves. However, it is not completely negative. People use this platform to express themselves with their style and also keep memories of them and their friends or family.

Snapchat: Snapchat has an odd effect on students because it is most likely used the most. Sending pictures back and forth between your friends and group chats is a good way to communicate, but many people have gotten into bad situation just because of the people they talk to, or the way they interact on the app. Again, this app is not negative it is just how people decide to use it for themselves. It is a great way to communicate with your friends and tell stories back and forth. They also have what they call the ‘memories’ where you save your pictures and videos on the app which is sometimes used more than the actual camera incorporated on the phone.

Tiktok: Tiktok is also very influential on teenagers. Kids who use Tiktok again are being shown a beauty standard. The people who mostly become famous on tiktok is because of their physical appearance. Tiktok is also another way for people to express themselves and create content that they want to. Some people make comedy videos and others make videos to show the reality of life. It is very influential for many people and is a good platform for people to turn to.

So, although social media has its benefits, it is also negative depending on how you view yourself and others. Social media can also be a great way for people to express themselves and communicate.