HHS should offer more field trip opportunities


In 2009, my kindergarten class took a field trip to the Discovery Museum.

As we get older, the amount of field trips start to go down.

Some of my best memories were field trips from Pre-K, elementary school, middle school, and even high school.

In elementary school, the trip that stuck out through 4th and the 5th graders was the Atlantic city Aquarium and the Franklin institute and for the people who were on the safety patrol, they went to Wildwood in June which people loved so much in their years in Elementary school.

During the Middle School years, the best fields their is in Middle school was the Spirit of Philadelphia cruise which was like a high school prom. Then, they got to go to Six Flags Great Adventure most of the kids love going to that park and even experience new rides and games with their friends.

As we head into our high schools years, most of the field trips we went on they seem to fade real quickly. A lot of the field trips in high school can only be accepted to certain classes, clubs, and even grade levels.

To have a better high school experience, most field trips should be a option to all of the high school students in each grade level.

The following are some benefits to field trips:

  • Hands on learning
  • Making more connections with their classmates
  • Critical thinking skills
  • Having to learn through the environment that is not available inside schools.
  • Learn life lessons
  • Creates excitement
  • Making a lot of great memories
  • Putting in a lot of effort on school work

I think that the kids in high school should have more field trips for all grade levels because it has a lot more positive benefits and a lot more social interaction with their friends.

¨One of my favorite trips was the zoo when I was in elementary school,” said junior CJ Rossiter. ¨It was cool to see all the animals. Field trips are just fun because you´re not in school.¨

Most of the field trips can be such an important component of a very well-rounded instructed program. They can definitely bring most balance to the curriculum’s a field-based learning can increase test scores.

Every student can come form a very unique background. Field trips are always the way to provide every student with a real-world, hands-on experience like a trip to the Discovery Museum, to an aquarium, The Franklin institute, movie, or even a cool restaurant everyone loves to go so the students get a great understanding of the outside world.

This allows the students to break free from the walls of their school. It also allows the students to take their own knowledge with them so they can make connections between their classroom learning and bring it to the outside world.

A field trip can also build their independence since some students can go with their parents or if they decide not to take their parents with them. This allows them to go out to the world on their own, under the supervision of their teachers, of course.

Sometimes teachers can be very careful when it comes to creating a positive classroom environment so that the students can be successful. Even though we are in these strange and weirdly times, the school district should try its best to continue planning find trips and activities for all of the students in our school community.

If I had to pick any field trip from my experience, I would pick the Atlantic City Aquarium. That is one of my favorite trips to go because its like a journey with your friends to explore the ocean life and of course have a ton of fun with your friends.

¨One of my favorite field trips I loved was Washington DC,” said senior Dylan Earnshaw.¨I got to spend a lot of time with my friends during my 6th grade year.¨

¨One of my memorable fields trips I went to was Smithsonian in DC,” said senior Madison Queeney. ¨It was such a fun experience because we got to do hands-on experiments.”

The only thing we can do for now is to keep our hopes up and that we can get the high schools to add field trips to anyone in our school community.

This will be good for the students to spend time with their friends and interact with the outside world instead of being trap in the walls of their classroom.

During my freshman year, my youth group took a field trip to Six Flags.