Students reflect on the prom

Students reflect on the prom

The prom committee transformed the gym into Grecian Gardens, and then prom goers headed off to the Atlantic City Sheraton for a night of dinner and dancing.

With high expectations for the 2014 Hammonton High School prom, the students were excited to attend this formal event. Spending hundreds of dollars, and countless hours preparing tuxedos/dresses, flowers, transportation and pictures, however, many students are left to consider the big question: was it worth all the time, energy, and money for the evening out?

“Everyone knows prom is costly, so I tried to make the most out of my senior prom. I had a great time spending time with my friends and dancing,” said senior Kayla Carey.

Junior Skyler Ordille, who has been to multiple proms, said, “This year was, by far, my favorite.”

Preparing a nice meal for over 300 couples can be a challenge, and many students wished the food was better, including senior Nick Gold.

“My chicken was rather dry and plain, but everything else was pretty enjoyable,” he said.

Avid pastry eater senior Chris Caprio was a fan of dessert.

“The food was average, but I really enjoyed the cupcakes after my meal,” he said.

Overall, most of the students interviewed were glad they attended.