5 Tips for Having a Good Year


School is difficult. Some students struggle with motivation, others struggle with burn out after a long day of learning. It doesn’t have to be hard, there are plenty of ways to support yourself for the school year. Here are some tips I’ve cultivated for new and returning students to use for achieving a successful year(s) at Hammonton High School.


5. Always complete your homework and unfinished classwork. These usually aren’t based on accuracy unless stated otherwise and will quickly add up points to your total grade. You can theoretically not consistently do well on tests and quizzes, but still pass for the year if every other assignment is completed, acting like a safety net. And if you have spare time make sure you study.


4. Make peace and or forge bonds with teachers. They will make the class experience much more pleasant if you’re actively engaged and they may also think of your behavior when giving you a final grade. You can also have your teachers write college recommendation letters, if they appreciated you in class they’ll definitely go into detail about how great you are as a student.


3. Take advantage of homeroom, lunch, and or study hall. Any free period during the day is a great opportunity to either study or complete homework. It beats having to do it at home or sitting there doing nothing.


2. Get plenty of sleep. This one seems obvious but many students stay up late regardless, causing their cognitive abilities to be slower and overall having a lesser attitude. It also makes the day much more faster when you aren’t feeling like a slug for the majority of it.


1. Always participate and don’t be tardy for class. These contribute a lot more than you’d think to your overall grade scale and go hand in hand with tips 5 and 4. Even if you do not know the answer, raise your hand regardless as it will still help you gain points.


Hopefully these basic yet incredibly helpful ideas help you for the school year. I believe they’re of the upmost importance for the wellbeing of a student not only for the year, but for the following and for college.