12 Tips for Incoming Freshman: Advice from a Senior


Alyssa Petulla, Reporter

There are so many things I wish I knew going into high school, that I wasn’t ready for. Things I handled on my own, but some advice would’ve helped. Now, everyone is different but these are just 12 things I wish I knew as a freshmen.

1) Finding your locker: Walking the halls the first day I forgot where my locker was, and of course I had one of the numbers that seemed hidden. I remember like it was yesterday, and my locker number with 06 but for some reason I could not find it. It was surrounded by the higher numbers so was hidden for me, which leads me to number 2.
2) Ask for help: I promise you that you won’t look stupid if you ask for help. I promise no senior is going to bully you for over hearing you ask for help. Trust me, I needed so much help my freshman year so ask for help.
3) Secure a lunch group: What helps when it comes to lunch time is asking around before hand to your friends to see when lunch is. For me it didn’t matter about class, but mainly who I was going to sit with at lunch. Ask around before, and try to set a core group even if it is about 2 or 3 people.
4) Make friends: In high school you need to make sure you expand, and meet new people. Of course don’t forget about your friends now but also branch out. I know for me branching out made me a part of one of the best friend groups a girl could ask for. Following along from that here is number 5.
5) Join a sports team or club: You must join a sports team or club… MUST! This is an awesome way to find yourself in high school. You can meet friends here and see where you click. The best thing I ever did was join the soccer team, because I meet girls who are my best friends now.
6) Keep on the right path: My best advice coming from a senior is to have fun, but be smart. You don;t want to go down the wrong path, become friends with dumb people, and lose yourself. Just make smart choices throughout the next 4 years.
7) Don’t lose yourself: Following along with the last one sorta is this. In high school many things will change, like your friends. You may be friends with new people, you may lose old friends, and that is okay. Just make sure it is right for you, don’t loose someone for no reason.
8) Be friendly: The best thing you can do it be nice to everyone. This means be friendly with all people, and even the teachers. Try to make every day great!
9) Don’t drown in school work: What I mean by this is don’t take so many classes, and classes that are hard to the point where you can’t enjoy the experience of high school. I promise you that you will get into college.
10) Go to every event: Pep rallies, football games, homecoming, and the rest… GO. Go to all these events and live every moment, because after this year you never know if it will be taken away again.
11) Live in the moment: Make sure you hold onto everything in high school, but these will be your last years before harder work comes. You will get your time to live in college, but by then you gotta grow up. Live the in the high school moment as as a kid and hold on to all the time you have in it.
12) Treasure the next 4 years: You will see, time really does fly.