The guide to college: advice for upcoming seniors


Alyssa Petulla, Reporter

Sending your child off to college is tough whether they are going far, or right down the road. You don’t want them to go, but at the same time you want them to grow. I know for my parents it was hard to send my brother to Stockton, especially when you remember how little he was just yesterday. Then again some kids don’t adjust well to the life, and it is hard for parents to see there child struggle.

I’m writing this piece, because I could be that child this year when I move away. I’m off to Delaware, and though it is not far it will still be a adjustment for all. No seeing my parents everyday, or coming home every night. For the beginning I will have to remain on campus due to my busy soccer schedule and classes. I’ve talked about it with my parents, and what it would be like. They already are planning trips to come see me, and see me play.

Yet, these are the things you must think about when you head to school. Is it worth going this far? What is the purpose of going to this school? Will my major is answered at this school? All these questions will play a huge factor when deciding where to go in the future. From my parents perspective they sat me down, and we talked about all the options. My main focus was playing soccer in college, so I took the offers I had and narrowed down the best option for me. However, if you don’t intend to play a sport then maybe you can start with a major, and narrow down from there. Or if your undecided then start with community then transfer later after two years. Overall, you must talk strategy with someone so you don’t make a decision that can affect the rest of your life.