Dating In High School: Do or Don’t?


Being in high school gives us opportunities to try new things and sometimes we run into people along the way . They can sometimes lead to relationships. Let’s see the opinions some fellow students have about the whole dating experience in our high school years.

“I feel that dating in high school can be different depending on the person. Sometimes it can be a big distraction towards academics and you can become extremely depressed when it doesn’t work out. If the two people involved are attracted to who they are as people I believe that it certainly could work out. However if someone likes another just because of how they look it won’t last at all. I am not and that’s probably for the better. Definitely college because you are more free in college to have time for the other person and treat them right”.-James Strain

“I think dating in high school is fine if you’re mature enough for it. I think a relationship can last if both people want it to work. I’m not currently in a relationship. I’d rather date someone in college over high school”.-Julia Alessandrine

“Dating is a good learning experience in high school I think the relationship will last long if it is a good open relationship with honesty, and I would rather date someone in college Bc they are more mature so I don’t think it would be a waste of time”.-Kirsten Reese

“My opinion on dating in high school is fun and you can experience new things with each other. I think high school relationships can last if u both stay loyal to each other and respect each other. And yes I’m currently in a relationship , i would rather date someone in high school”-Serena Romeo

“Dating in high school is a bunch of bologna . very rarely do his relationships last out of school, and even if they did most of them end in separation anyway. i am single and ready to mingle (spread the word lol) and i’d rather date someone in college bc i think they would have grown up a tiny bit more than when they were in hs. in college they don’t worry about bc the need to fit in to the crowd disappears bc it doesn’t matter anymore”-Brianna Monzo

“Dating in high school is sort of just luck to me. Most of the time it doesn’t last and it isn’t really “love” it’s just what our idea of love is at the time. I don’t think most highschool relationships last minus a few exceptions because we are still growing and learning who we are as people and we tend to outgrow each other. I am in a relationship. I had never thought I would date in high school I always said I would wait until college but I’m in a relationship now because I think he is worth it to make it last through high school and through college” – Kenzie Haldeman

“I’m okay with dating in highschool I don’t see a problem with doing that to an extent. Highs chool relationships most likely won’t last but I think it’s definitely possible. I am not in a relationship and since I am in high school I would rather date someone my own age, so I would rather date someone in high school”- Nick Bonfiglio

“ dating in highschool is really dependent freshman year- junior years you’re not thinking too much about the future which is why relationships won’t last past high school through senior year” . – anonymous