Don’t want to go to college? What else can you do?


Many students when growing up and going through school hear about college from the time they’re about 5 until the end of their lives. While in elementary school the furthest you’re thinking into your future is about what you’re going to do at recess or what’s for lunch. When a student starts taking mandatory state tests that’s when the push to send students into college happens. While college is a great thing that everyone should have the chance to experience if they wish to do so, not everyone wants to go to college and no one needs to go to college to be able to make a career out of themselves.

While college can help you significantly when it comes to getting to education and history of what it is they wish to make a career out of themselves for, it’s not a necessary step. Whether you get a scholarship, have to take out student loans, or have the money to pay for college, there are many alternate routes you can take.

In your high school years you are supposed to be finding what it is that you are good at that you could also make a career out of. However, parents tend to push going to college onto their children, whether it’s because they think it’s what’s going to be best for their child or simply because they didn’t have the ability to go to college and want to see their child doing something they believe is going to help them the most in their future.

If you aren’t sure what you want to do yet, you can always take a gap year or semester. If you know you don’t want to go to college, you can look at a trade school, the military, start your own business, get an apprenticeship, or move up in a basic job and save money until you are sure you know what to do. All of these things are great alternatives to going to college that still allow you to grow as a person, grow your mind, and grow your bank account. While this way may be more difficult, it gives the ability to be able to do what you want to do and be able to make your own decisions for your future. When you choose a career you want to be able to be happy and love your life to the best of your ability.

If you choose to go into the military, depending on the branch, they will pay for your schooling. The Air Force, Navy, Army, Marines, and National Guard offer loan repayment programs for active duty service members and reservists with past student loan debt. Eligible service members can receive up to $120,000 towards repayment of federal student loans.

While college is something that seems to be pushed on everyone from a young age, it is not necessary. Even if you would like to go to college it may not be the best thing for you personally or financially. Student loans from college continue to increase every year, to end up with a job that will more than likely have nothing to do with your degree.

If you are unsure of what to do all together, whether it has to do with college, a trade school, the military, there are multiple things you can do to explore your options. You can job shadow, ask questions to those around those, utilize your research, or even take a fun quiz to show you something you could be compatible with.

While this specific quiz does give you options for a college that would suit your needs, it also shows you what your interests and style of job would be. Then With that information it would be easier to narrow down your choices of what you can be successful in further down the line.

You can always talk to your guidance counselors here at HHS about other options as well.