Dating: Holiday Gift Expectations for Significant Others

With the holiday season approaching, the frantic search for gifts has begun. After Thanksgiving, most people like to go out on Black Friday and shop for the best deals.

For those in relationships, this is the perfect time to buy gifts for their significant others. The task is not always easy, though, and many students find themselves faced with a big dilemma: What do I get him or her?

And perhaps an even bigger question: What does he or she expect from me?

Freshman Matt Angeline, who has been in a relationship over the past six months, thinks that the gift should reflect the length of time that the couple has dated.

“It depends,” he said. “If we’ve been together for a long time, then I expect her to spend a lot of money on me because she knows I will do the same for her.”

Senior Mary Grace Arena, who has been in a relationship for two weeks, claims she has found “the one.”

“I don’t expect anything from him. “I’d rather spend quality time together,” she said.

Some students don’t want to put pressure on their significant other.

“I expect something small. I don’t want him to spend a lot on me,” said sophomore Kaitlyn Silwecki.

Others, however, have high expectations, like junior Raelynn Genovese who has been in a relationship for nearly eight months.

“I set the bar high, I expect to receive a gift thats as good as mine,” she said.