Alumni Life: Anthony Roman


Six years after graduating from HHS, Anthony Roman gives us a look into his life since high school. Roman attended HHS from 2013-2017, during which time he was a Districts Champion in wrestling. He had dreams of going to college to major in Criminal Justice. Life doesn’t always go as planned, and Roman can tell you that from experience, college was just not for him. He is currently serving in the United States Navy he is stationed in Guam.


What clubs and/or sports were you involved in?

Wrestling and Baseball

What was your “plan” after high school? Did you stick to it?

Plan was to go to college and study Criminal Justice. I stuck to it for one year, but dropped out.

What have you been up to since high school?

Traveling to different countries in Southeast Asia

Where are you stationed?

I’m stationed at EOD mobile unit 5 in Guam.

If you could go back to your HS days and do some things differently, what would you do?

Hangout with friends more outside of school. Dedicate myself more to wrestling than I was.

Is there anything about high school that you miss if so what is it?

The friends I hung out with on a daily bases.

What’s one piece of advice you have for HS students in their final year?

If you’re not feeling college, it’s a good idea not to force you’re self to go. There are really good alternatives that can establish a profitable career, that doesn’t involve going to a  university.
What made you want to join the Navy?

I’ve  wanted to join the Military since the beginning of high school. The Navy just had more of my personal interests as a part of the job

What do you do in the Navy?

Primary part of the job is mine countermeasures. So we look for mines underwater, but we also look for other things like any wrecks or downed planes that are in the ocean.

What are some lNavy experiences that you have encountered that you can share?

There’s been plenty of experiences such and being in leadership position. Also traveled to the Philippines and worked with their Navy on stuff.