Five Countries You May Not Know Exist


Travelling and experiencing different cultures is hands down, my favorite activity that I’ve ever taken part in. For today’s story, I will list and provide a description for five countries you may have never seen or heard before in no particular order.

5. Liechtenstein 

In between Austria and Switzerland exists the tiny country of Liechtenstein. The country is covered in beautiful, sprawling hills and mountains, and littered with castles dating hundreds of years ago. Its capital city is called Vaduz and the locals serve a variety of European dishes. The national dish is called Käsknöpfle, which consists of small dumplings topped with cheese and fried onions served with a side of apple purée.


4. Laos

This country is found between Vietnam and Thailand with Cambodia to the south and a small part of China to the north. Laos is possibly the least talked about South Asian country when discussing vacation options. The capital, Vientiane (Viangchan), is known for its Buddhist temples including the golden Pha That Luang. The local cuisine closely resembles Thai food, and the national dish is no exception. Its national dish, Laab (Laap) Ped roughly translates to minced duck salad.


3. Andorra

Although it prides itself on tourism, Andorra is one of the more overlooked countries in western Europe (in an American perspective). It’s a tiny nation landlocked between Spain and France covered with mountainous terrain, making it a popular destination in the winter for skiing. Andorra prides itself on tourism so much, that most of the capital, Andorra la Velle, is surrounded by hotels. The national dish of Andorra is called Escudella, which contains a variety of meats including but not limited to: chicken, veal, meatballs, pig snout, trotters, and sausage.


2. Lesotho

Continuing the trend of small landlocked countries, Lesotho forms an enclave inside of the country of South Africa. Surrounded by lush green mountains and clear waterfalls, Lesotho is one of the most gorgeous countries on the list. Its capital, Maseru, is the largest urban center in the small country situated on the Caledon River. The national dish is called Pap-pap, which is very similar to a polenta and is likewise made with cornmeal.


1. Nauru

The last obscure country on this list is an island nation located in Oceania called Nauru. This country is filled with sandy beaches, teeming with palm trees and tropical brush, and contains plenty of coral reefs and odd looking sea rocks poking out of the water. Although the country has no capital, many consider the city district Yaren to be the capital because most of Nauru’s government offices are located there. The national dish of Nauru is Coconut fish, mostly because they’re the two food items that can be found locally on the island, everything else is imported.

How many of these countries did you recognize? Which 0ne are you most interested in researching and visiting? Hopefully all of them will be considered as your future vacation spot.