Alumni Life: Andrea Maria Moralez Class of 2018


Four years later after graduating from HHS, Andrea Moralez gives an insight of her life after high school. Moralez, attended HHS between the years of 2014-2018, and was an AP student with dreams of becoming a nurse in the future and traveling the world. She played sports such as basketball, track, and cross country for the first three years of HS, and then committed her last year to finishing off strong academically. She now attends ACCC and plans on transferring to Rutgers University in the hopes of majoring in their nursing program.

What have you been up to since HS?

“We’ll my main focus has been on becoming a nurse, right now I’m getting associates degree in ACCC and I plan on soon going to Rutgers for their nursing program. I’m also recently engaged!” *shows off the ring*

If you could go back to your HS days and do some things differently, what would you do?

“I’d do more sports, participate in more clubs, and take everything less seriously and actually go out.”

What’s one thing you miss about HS?

“I miss the community atmosphere, I miss always having people my age around me all the time and spending time with my friends.”

What’s one piece of advice you have for HS students in their final year?

“Enjoy every moment, the little things matter. Make as many memories as you can and  romanticize high school because when you leave, you miss it.”

After the trip down memory lane and brief interview Moralez summarized future plans that included travel and her summer wedding taking place on August. She also ended on a positive note and emphasized her piece of advice by reminding high school students, especially seniors, that “times flies by and that it’s important to live in the moment.”