Teacher Appreciation Week


Monday May 3rd through Friday May 7th of 2021 is Teacher Appreciation Week. Teachers have gone above and beyond for students especially this past year. Some students of Hammonton High School were asked what teacher has been the most influential to them personally and why they appreciate them, here’s some responses:

Romeo Lerza (11th) – Mr. Distefano / History. “He made class fun and enjoyable.”

Carla Sabella (10th) – Mrs. Schipske / English 2 at HHS. “ She makes English class more fun to be in. She is also very kind and cares a lot about if you understand what she’s teaching.”

Alyssa Kueny (12th) – Mr. Preim who teaches English at Hammonton High School. “He was always so positive and whenever I had A bad day he knew how to make me laugh. He knew my family from teaching my brother and being his soccer coach so if i ever needed anything i could always ask him.”

Sydney Sorrentino (11th) – “Mrs. Wilsbach because she always made you feel like you belonged exactly where you were. She included every student in everything we did and made learning so fun. I was always so excited to go to school and learn.” Mrs. Wilsbach taught at the ECEC.

Joey Linneman (11th) – Mrs. Edwards who teaches AP 3 English at HHS. “She has taught me how to effectively read and write.”

Aiva Hornback (12th) – Mr. Bittner who taught EAGLE (gifted and talented program) at Waterford Elementary School. Having him as a teacher since I was in Kindergarten, he was the most influential teacher in my life. He taught me so much, and his class was my favorite part of my day. I believe, even today, that he is the teacher that had the most impact on me.”

Erika Schulz (9th) – Mrs. Grasso who teaches Honors English at Hammonton Middle School. “Mrs. Grasso always made an effort to connect with her students. She made the material we were learning fun, interesting, and easy to understand. She was someone we all knew we could confide in, whether it be over something small or something we were struggling with. She loved to joke around with us, the classroom often being filled with laughter, and the atmosphere always feeling light-hearted and safe. Not only this, but I feel like I learned a lot with her. We read 4 books, (all of which having a very high difficulty level) learned grammar lessons, proper reading comprehension, how to analyze and write poetry, and so much more. Mrs. Grasso is truly one of the kindest and best teachers I have ever had in my academic career.”

Nicole Boyd (12th) – Mrs Coia teaches English. “Mrs. Coia because she won teacher of the year last year and she has been my English teacher since sophomore year. She always makes teaching fun and makes the most out of learning. She makes sure all of her students remember the great times of high school.”

Gamble Mascio (11th) – Ms.Curry, Ms.DiTullio who teaches Math here at HHS. “They showed how even if you don’t like math you can still put some of your own twist into it, i had DiTullio for two years and Curry for one and i was able to talk to both of them and they would listen if i needed to Curry would let me step out of class and Ditullio would talk with me.”

Harmony Bilhardt (9th) – Mrs. Curry who teaches Algebra at HHS. “She is very good at what she does and always checks on me when I seem to have a hard time concentrating or if I don’t seem like myself. She cares about her students a lot.”

Anahi Boone (11th) – “Mrs. Silvesti because she makes learning chemistry easy, and makes it fun as well. She’s also taught me to go with the flow.”

Gianna Albertson (10th) – “Mrs. Griess because she has been super helpful towards me throughout the school year. She is a great teacher.”

Samantha Immendorf (11th) – Mr. Bierly who teaches History here at Hammonton High School. “He made history fun for the short amount of time he was here. I miss him and his awkward self.”

Katelynn Evans (12th) – Ms. Peretti who teaches Honors English 4 at HHS. “She is so sweet, kind, and genuinely wants to see her students succeed. Not one day has gone by this year that she doesn’t try to make her students laugh or smile.”

Ryan Craig (12th) – Mrs Shaner who teaches Biology and Anatomy here at HHS. “Very great teaching style, great personality, cares a lot, great sense of humor.”

Emily Smith (Graduate) – Mr. Gazzara who teaches Marine Biology at HHS. “Not only did Mr. Gazzara teach marine biology in such a cheerful and memorable way, he always gave great life advice and really helped each student. He gave me and my now husband great advice on relationships, military life, adult life, and how each decision you make impacts your future no matter how small. He was a great teacher and now a great role model and peer!”

Sidria Webster (12th) – Mrs. Throckmorton who teaches CP Graphic Design & CP Intermediate Art at HHS. Mrs. Throckmorton is a very nice teacher, she is always there helping me. I love having her as a teacher. She always tries to make class fun. If someone in class needs help she always makes sure they need help.

Natalie Thompson (12th) – “Mrs. Carpo was a great teacher and great at explaining lessons. She always had a good format and was always there for anyone when they needed help.”

Anthony Alessandrine (9th) – “Mr. Georgoulianos because he always makes class so much fun while still teaching what we need to learn. I know I can always look forward to his class.”

Steven Mertis (11th) – “Ms. Carrafiello who teaches Choir because she help me become a good singer and allowing me to show my talents.”

Stephanie Holmes (11th) – “Mr. Preim because he taught me many life lessons and even though I wasn’t the best student, he always tried his best to keep me on track with my work.

Aubrey McCullen (12th) – “Mr. Barbagallo has been the most influential teacher to me. He is the whole reason for my intended major in college. He helped me through personal things in my life and always believed in me.”

Ava Chiofalo (11th) – Mrs. O’Donnell who teaches Spanish at HHS. “She taught me that slacking off gets you nowhere, and hard work does pay off.”

Harley Toussaint (10th) – “Mr. Angelozzi because he helps us make sure we get a 100 on all of our assignments. I appreciate him because he’s actually a really nice teacher and does a lot for his students.”

Raina Sherman (9th) – Mr. Tower (7th Grade English) and Miss Curtis (8th Grade Math) at Hammonton Middle School. “They made learning fun and made you feel safe in their classrooms.’

Julia Alessandrine (12th) – “Mr. Barbagallo because his class really sparked an interest in psychology for me. I will be majoring in psychology in college and I probably would not have picked that major if not for him and his class. Mr. Barbagallo always made class so fun and made sure all of his students were doing ok. I always looked forward to going to his class.”

Nygel Waugh (12th) – Mrs. Farrel who taught History at HMS. “She is very nice.”

Natalie Musser (10th) – “Mrs. Shaner because I just think she’s a good teacher, she makes sure everyone understands the lessons and I always look forward to her class.”

Adriel Montecillo (9th) – Mr. Ramos who teaches 7th grade Life Science at Hammonton Middle School. One of the reasons why Mr. Ramos was very influential to me is because of the life (real life) lessons that he taught during and after class. If I did something wrong, he would tell me how I did it wrong and what the solution is to the problem. My maturity and confidence has heavily increased ever since I started taking lessons from him.

Leigh-Anne Jones (11th) – Mr. White who teaches Band/Jazz Band at HHS. “He’s taught me many life lessons throughout the years and has motivated me to be a better person as I progress through high school. He’s by far my favorite teacher to date. “

Samantha Morris (12th) – “Mr. Preim because he went through a tough time during my freshman year when I had him and it inspired me the way he came back to work the way he did. I went through the same things a few years earlier and we would talk about our situations and he was storing and he continued to teach very effectively.”

Angelina Renzulli (12th) – Mr. Barbagallo / CP Psychology at HHS. “Mr. Barbagallo was very influential to me due to his precise teaching methods. His class introduced me to what I wanted to further pursue. The way he connects with his students through his teaching is admirable.”

Austin Voss (12th) – Mrs. Low who taught Language Arts at Waterford Elementary School. “She showed me that not every teacher is there to just teach a subject. She made school fun and exciting. I don’t remember a day in 5th grade where I didn’t have fun. She would make boring subjects into fun games for us. She also was a heavy influence in my music taste as well.”