Learning Loss


Due to Covid-19 students were forced to be home from school for a couple of months last year and some of this current school year. Not being in school for that long could cause learning loss in students of all ages. I asked students in our school to see if they thought they had experienced learning loss due to the pandemic.

Senior Nicole Boyd says she thinks she experienced learning loss.

“I think not being in school for the last couple months of last year really affected me, not being able to talk to my teachers and ask for help made understanding work more difficult.”

“Yes and no. Last year we did not have an actual put together schedule with Google Meets so it was harder to keep up,” said sophomore Gianna Albertson. “Therefore, this year we have the Google Meets and we can actually communicate with our teachers if we are remote with questions.”

Aubrey McCullen says yes but she enjoys being fully remote. “It’s not the same experience so I’m less motivated but I prefer remote because I don’t have to wear a mask all day and I like having my own schedule kind of like college.” She says this year she feels as though she is missing out on the senior year experience for learning and all the fun group assignments. “It’s just not the same experience at home or at school with all the precautions being taken.”

“I would say yes. We weren’t in school to ask questions, and there were times where teachers gave us work online and the teachers were not there to help,” said Harley Toussaint. She says it was hard to stay focused on work when there is no clear guidance.

Senior Natalie Thompson says, “Yes I believe I experienced learning loss from the pandemic because I was remote and wasn’t hands on with my learning so some of the subjects were taught in different ways that I most likely won’t remember. Online learning is easier; however in person learning is more effective.”

This pandemic has been anything but easy and it seems like learning has been somewhat hard.