Fab or Fail? A DIY Project

Fab or Fail? A DIY Project

Alyssa Petulla, Reporter

Did you ever want to buy something, but then you looked at the price tag?

Or maybe so saw something trendy on a social media platform, like Tik Tok?

Well I’ve seen both especially during quarantine about a year ago or so, but never truly acted on it. So today I’m going to be your guide through whether or not we can take something trending on social media, and turn it into a fab or fail for dirt cheap.

We will be killing two birds with one stone so to speak. You’ve probably seen the trend where you can take a simple household item, bleach, and use it to your benefit to make your fashion exceptional.

or this DIY, I plan to make a fab out of old clothes however I’m no expert so we will see if it fails or not.

Here’s what you need:
1) A plain old piece of clothing or new if preferred
2) Spray bottle
3) Rubber bands
4) Scissors
5) Clorox bleach
6) Plastic gloves (optional)
7) Iron on patches (optional read more for further explanation)

Now, to make this DIY perfect, especially if you’re on a budget like me, we can keep the cost of this at home project under $15. Let me explain! Bleach is simple, and could be laying around your house, but is also easy enough to pick up at your local dollar tree. Along with bleach you can also pick up a spray bottle too unless you’re like me who also has that laying around. Then, to really save some money instead of buying a sweatshirt for around $20 you can make this DIY even more affordable, and thrift your clothing. That’s what I did, and I was able to find three cute items to DIY for the price of $7.97. However, I understand that not everyone is comfortable with doing that so you can head over to Walmart which is also a steal, because you can find a nice pullover for around $8. Once you find what to bleach, then another step to take is to decorate with iron on patches which is very trendy on tik tok right now. I headed to Hobby Lobby to pick up the cutest patch of a cactus. With my total coming to $10.96 for all my supplies, I can get started on my DIY!


Step 1- Figure out what you are going to bleach, and scrunch the shirts like the picture below. For this DIY, I decided to bleach two shirts, and add the patch to the black long sleeve without adding bleach. TIP: when bleaching black clothing it turns the bleach spots orange.

Step 2: Next, pour a cup of bleach into the spray bottle mixed with a cup of water for an easier task/ mess.

Step 3: Let this sit for about 5-20 minutes depending on how intense you want your bleach to be. But keep an eye on it.

Step 4: Once the color change is to your liking, rinse in water or wash by itself not getting near any other piece of clothing.

Step 5: Let dry, and see if it was a Fab or Fail! You decide!

OPTIONAL STEP: Once dried you can add any cute iron on patch you found at your local store, or you can do what I did. I added a cute patch to this thrifted black long sleeve, and cropped it!