Q&A with Kaylie Ranere

Q&A with Kaylie Ranere

Isabella Rivera, Reporter

How have you been keeping in contact with your friends and family?
Social media helps a lot with staying in touch with my friends and family. I mostly use snapchat to communicate with my friends each day. Also, I facetime the same group of people each night to stay connected.

What expectations of “normal” are you letting go of today?
Normal is being able to walk by a person and not try and distance yourself from them. Now whenever I am running I feel like I have to pass people on the sidewalk really far away. As well as wearing masks everywhere. At this point, masks just feel like a normal article of clothing.

How have you been getting outside and staying active?
I get outside to go for a run each day. On top of that I normally practice field hockey for about an hour every other day or so.

How is the home instruction and zooms/google meets?
I do not like the home instruction, it is very hard to find the motivation to do the work. On top of that, math isn’t very easy to learn by yourself.

What are some things that you are missing out on because of quarantine?
I am missing my spring field hockey season as well as my spring track season. And of course I am missing out on all the time I could be with friends and family.

What have you been doing to keep yourself busy?
School work keeps me busy most of the day. Then I go on my phone for a while or go workout. I Mostly just watch a lot of Youtube and Netflix.

What is the first restaurant you want to sit in when it’s open?
Brother Pizza

What do you miss most about HHS?
I miss getting to see my friends each day. Lunch was always fun because everyone would just laugh the whole period. Also, I miss getting to go to practice after school each day.

One thing you took for granted before quarantine?
Sports. I used to complain about going to field hockey and track all the time. Now I don’t get to see anyone, especially my field hockey friends who all live over 40 minutes away.

Once this is over, what is the first thing you’ll do?
Have a day on the river with my friends like we planned before this all happened. And getting Dunkin with Izzy again.