Feeling burnt out? Here’s Some Advice


Alex Biazzo, Reporter

Have you ever felt down? Well, clueless or misguided to be more specific. Do you feel as if you have no path to follow or nothing to accomplish? No sights to see, no people to speak with? What could be the meaning of this? Any other time there are in fact things to do, sights to see, and new faces. Perhaps it’s because you have already seen all of those sights, did all those things, and met those faces. Perhaps there is nothing left to do. The most likely suspect to blame for lack of activities is burnout, which is the problem you and I are having.

There are different types of burnout, but they all have similar effects. Sometimes, they are called blocks. Blocks are found in creators who have no imagination left or ideas, generally feeling stuck. Kids can feel burned out in school, too. Maybe those tests are getting to you, or you just can’t seem to keep up with all the new things you’re learning. You can feel burned out in the workplace, maybe working slower than usual. These are all the negatives of burn out.

But that doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing. Everyone gets burned out, like I said. If anything, you can use it to explore new options for yourself. Try some new things and test yourself a little bit. Maybe you’ll find something. Maybe that one movie you thought was bad actually turned out good, or trying new food. Different approaches and styles can also be found. Burn out blocks the main road, but you can always take the back roads, right? New paths and routes are opened up. Maybe you’ll find that it’s more efficient to go one way than the other.

Burnout isn’t as bad as it seems. It only throws you off a little bit, and as long as you capitalize on it you can mitigate any lack of ideas you have. Like I said, burnout is a roadblock, but there are always other ways. Many artists going through artists block end up improving their style and performance. The same goes for anyone else. You can use burnout to your advantage and get through it as long as you find another path.