LGBTQ Education Coming to NJ classrooms

Daniel Mutko

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On thursday January 31st Governor Phil Murphy signed a law requiring schools to teach LGBT and disability-inclusive materials. This makes NJ the second state to sign a law like this as in 2011 California signed a similar law. This will take effect in all public schools starting next year. This is an attempt to make LGBTQ students to feel more included and less bullied. NJ also passed a law to prevent harassment, intimidation, and bullying back in 2011.

With this new law schools will have to teach political, economic, and social contributions of the LGBT community, however it is left up to the school on how they teach it. Parents are concerned with these laws and for good reason. Parents claim it can take power away from them and encourage kids to question their sexuality. It can take away rights for parents to discuss this with their children.

With this knowledge no one knows how it will play out and many are speaking out against it. They don’t want to learn about this and don’t believe in the movement but a lot of students are unaware of these changes to come.

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