Dress Code Debate: How Ripped is Too Ripped?

Dress Code Debate: How Ripped is Too Ripped?

Dress code: we all hate it, but is it really as bad as everyone thinks?

The dress code currently states, “Extremes in attire that may be bad taste, disruptive to classes and a possible safety or health hazard in certain classroom settings shall not be permitted.”

When you read this statement what clothing do you think of? Flip Flops? Dresses? Hats? The articles of clothing that you may be thinking of isn’t exactly the main concern of this statement.

Surprisingly…ripped jeans is the concern of the school year, shocking right? Everyone knows that the new trend are ripped jeans, but how ripped is too ripped?

Dr. Rudnesky, assistant principal shared her understanding of the dress code.

“It is practice for the real world, practice for dressing professionally,” she said.

In the past, the administration had completely prohibited any rips at all but has become more lenient concerning the fashion trends.

She explained that jeans with open rips on the upper thigh or extremely tattered material is inappropriate and not considered “professional.”

After talking to Dr. Rudnesky, she’s given us a better understanding on the ripped jeans issues.