Pre-College Bucket List: 14 things for the Class of 2014


Even though the prospect of going off to college or entering the workforce is exciting to many members of the Class of 2014, they’re not all in major rush to get there. Not just yet. There are still many things that these students want to check off of their “bucket list” before entering the next chapter of their lives and saying farewell to Hammonton High School. Here’s a sampling of 14 students from the Class of 2014

  • Joe Decosta- Finish building my car
  • Steve Salvatore- Go on a road trip
  • Shane Guyer- Go scuba diving
  • Justin Smith- Go kayaking
  • Chris Caprio- Go hiking
  • Alex Padovani- Get planet ice
  • Ron Angeli- Kill a turkey
  • Gina Siconolfi- Have a giant BBQ
  • Kayla Carey- Finish a marathon
  • Brian Gazzara- Go skydiving
  • Sierra DeMarco- Get a tattoo
  • Jenna Smith- Go to Disney World with my parents
  • Dylan Rosu- Catch a fish bigger than DJ’s
  • David Maimone- Go surf fishing