Student plans for spring break vary

Student plans for spring break vary

The weather in South Jersey has finally broke and it has the students at Hammonton High School are gearing up for spring break. Hammonton has a pretty short spring break but the students here still have big plans and others just plane to have an enjoyable time off to spend with their families.

Matt Matro turns 18 on Sunday April, 20th and he will be in Punta Cana with his family having the time of his life.

“Punta Cana for spring break! TURN UP!” he explained when asked about his plans.

that pretty much sums up how much fun he is planning on having during his spring break. Me on on the other hand, I will be working and having the traditional Easter holiday with my family. I think I’d rather be in Punta Cana with my boy Matt.

Nicole Bock, a junior, will be staying home for a more traditional plan

“While most of my friends will be away, I will be at an Easter egg hunt for my little cousin,” she said.

Junior Colby Crescenzo was looking foward to her spring break because Easter is her favorite holiday.

“This spring break I will be missing my friends, going to my uncles for Easter dinner, and going to a big party!” she said.

Junior Steve Cahill will be traveling to a place that may not get that many spring break travelers: Montana.

“I have a rich uncle who lives there and makes firearms which he sells to local gun shops. We go there every year to go shooting and to spend Easter at his mansion,” he explained.

Although spring break at Hammonton is not very long many of the students here still took the time to plan out what they are going to do for the time they do have off. Personally I am excited to just have some time off of school and to get some of my stuff for college together.

However, I think I’d rather be in Punta Cana with my boy Matt.