20 Pieces of Advice for Next Year’s Senior Trip

20 Pieces of Advice for Next Years Senior Trip

Now that senior trip is over, its time to see some advice people want to pass down to the upcoming seniors attending the trip.

1. Bring a lot of money because everything in disney is over priced. -Jenna Destefano

2. Try to drink Monster as much as possible; you need as much energy as you can get for the trip. -Nick Gold

3. Try not to room with someone who might drink Monster every night at midnight. -Mike Angeline, Nick Ezzi, and Louis Corgliano

4. Get a fast pass at Universal. -Danny MacDuff

5. Make sure you have your bucket hats. -Chris Huster

6. Don’t scream when you get to the hotel, or people will hate you -Mary Grace Arena

7. Don’t spend all of your Disney Dollars on breakfast. -Chris Caprio

8. Make sure you have extra clothes for the water park. -Brandon Beebe

9. Don’t wear sleeves…. ever. -Tristan Seth

10. Make sure you have your phone on you at all times. -Mike Pitzi

11. Make sure you put on sunscreen before and during the day. -Tyler Franklin

12. Be sure to workout at least 2 weeks before the trip. -Mark Giberson

13. Be sure to keep plenty of snacks and bottles of water in your room. -Madison Pearson

14. Bring plenty of money with you. -Rachel Monzo

15. Keep a barf bag handy on the airplane. -Mike Seligman

16. When the turbulence hits, drink Mountain Dew. -LT Struble

17. Have as much fun as you can, no matter what the circumstances. -Miranda Witts

18. Try and keep your footing in the wave pool, so you don’t get washed to the shore. -Morgan DiVello

19. Always wear sunglasses. RayBan vision is a must. -Shane Worthington

20. Only the weak wear socks. -Dylan Rosu