Impact of Snow Days

Impact of Snow Days

Eager for the start of summer, the warm weather, and the beach. The wait just keeps getting longer for the students of Hammonton High School. With one of the longest, harshest winters that we have seen in recent memory, snow days are necessary for the safety of the students. But as many realize, the more snow days during the year, the more days get taken away from summer vacation.

“As a senior, I personally do not mind the snow days, because those extra days added on to the end of our school year are just single session, graduation practice days;” says senior Nick Gold.

Gold’s may change his opinion when he realizes that this is not the case, though; upon further investigation, it was realized that everything, including finals, will be postponed.

Underclassmen, who have one or more years of high school to finish, are not near the finish line, so they have a contrasting opinion.

“I would rather have a delay. I don’t want to make up any more days. I want to finish my sophomore year as soon as possible,” explained sophomore Kate Sliwecki.

Freshman Brock Mauriello has the feeling that high school might take a while to finish.

“This is my first year of high school. If the next 3 years are like this, I don’t want another snow day for the rest of my life,” he said.