Are Teachers Friends?


Friendship: the bond that ties people together.

Celebrated in the popular TV show in the late 1990s. the show ‘Friends’ focused on the relationships between six New Yorkers who all lived near each other. They were constantly in and out of each other’s apartments and lives.

Now that its senior year, I’ve spent a lot of time reflecting on the friendships I’ve had along the way. I met some of my friends back in elementary school, when we were in the same class. Other friendships formed because we spent so many hours practicing and playing on a team.

School has been a large part of the time my friends and I have spent together. So, it made me wonder: Are teachers here at Hammonton High School friends?

Sometimes, you can tell by the way teachers talk to each other or hang out through the school day.  One pair that I would watch Mrs. Macrie and Mrs. Kristella, who can be seen talking every day during 6th period. Are they really friends?

“The teachers I work with in the Up for Life  [program] are my friends; we will hang out outside of school. Ms. Kristella and I go to Money Mike [Nocito]’s bowling matches, and we will also double date,” she said.

Macrie and Kristella also added that they have a lot in common because they are similar in age.

Mrs. MaryAnn Meehan, who has been teaching English for many years, has had the chance to work with the same people for many years.

“I love the teachers I work with, and I love coming here every day,” she said. “I have made some very good friends at this school, and many of the teachers here I have taught so we have a special connection in that way.”

Working with former students certainly adds a new dimension to teacher-teacher friendships.

Some teachers I attempted to speak to declined to comment. However, given the responses I did get, it’s fair that say that maybe its not all just polite conversation that students see going on between teachers in the hallways. Maybe they really are friends.