Christmas Shopping for Significant Others: Dilemmas and Recommendations

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It’s that time of year when the malls are packed and people are running around like chickens with their heads cut off trying to get gifts for everyone. Whether it is a big ticket item like a car or electronic to something simple like a candle or book, these gifts must be bought. And there is a deadline, a pretty firm one: December 25.

Stores are having their holiday sales trying to make the most business and the people this time of year are very impressionable and will be influenced to buy anything they think someone would like.

Gift shopping for a significant other could sometimes present issues because everyone wants to be the boyfriend or girlfriend that gets the perfect gift. Some people look to friends for help or even parents because for many people at Hammonton High School seem to be having issues with buying a gift for their significant other.

Junior Kelvin Rivera enjoys giving part of the process but not the deciding.

“I do not mind buying the gift for my girl but figuring out what to get is so hard,” he said.

Many people feel the same way as Rivera. Picking out a gift for a girl could make a guy rip his hair out of his head.

On the flip side, though, girlfriends work just as hard to find something their boyfriend would like.

“It was that hard finding a gift for my boyfriend but I was always second guessing myself after I bought him his gift,” said junior Colby Crescenzo.

Need some recommendations on what to buy? For whatever it’s worth, here are Maimone’s personal selections. You can thank me later.

Buying for a girl:

– Most would be thrilled to have a new necklace or bracelet.

– If your girlfriend is an athlete, a nice pair of running shoes would be the perfect gift.

– I try to stay away from picking out clothes (considering my lack of style), but if you are a guy that has style and could find your girlfriend a nice outfit then go for it.

– It is also always nice for a girl to receive a gift that cannot be bought and one that shows their boyfriend cares for them and really knows them. (Girls like that stuff apparently).

Buying for a guy:

–  Take him out to dinner and pay for the meal because that is an easy gift that most guys would really like.

– Girls are usually better at picking out clothes and things of that sort so maybe get him something that you would like to see him wear.

– Another idea is to just find something that he is really into and try your best to find something that he would like with that because it shows that you tried. A guy will like any gift he gets no matter what. And if he doesn’t, he should at least fake it and pretend he does.