Christmas Music: 24 hours a day, 25 days a year


When the cool air blows and the first touch of snow grazes the ground, it’s Christmas time. Time stops, and snow flurries help to create a winter wonderland.

There is only one thing that doesn’t stop during this time of year: Christmas music. From the beginning of December till the end, Christmas music rules the season.

Well-known stations such as B101.1 and 96.9 leave behind their normal playlists and adopt a seasonal one (which they repeat over and over and over). Most people believe that without Christmas music there would be no Christmas cheer.

For other out out there,  though, Christmas music is overplayed and deafens the holiday season.

Senior Chris Huster is a fan of the music.

“I don’t mind it; it kind of gets me in the Christmas spirit,” he confessed.

Senior Mike Seligman, nicknamed by some as the “Christmas Kid,” explained that it doesn’t bother him because it is only 25 days out of the year.

“Christmas Music is only played once a year, I don’t mind it, no one should mind it,” he said.

Senior Pete Lancetta recalls Christmas time as something he truly loves. The reason he loves it is because of the holiday tunes.

“I love it, it gets me in the giving mood,” he said.

These students all  share the same feelings that I have toward Christmas music. It’s not the snow. It’s not the presents. It’s not even the hot cocoa that makes Christmas time feel special. It’s the  music that creates the aroma of holiday spirit.