Students Anticipate Black Friday Shopping



Black Friday shopping has been a reoccurring tradition for shoppers year after year. Many consider Black Friday the official start to the holiday shopping season. With all kinds of bargains and unbelievably great deals being offered to the shoppers, people begin their shopping extravaganza at twelve o’clock midnight. It seems to be a common trend to get in the shopping mind set immediately after Thanksgiving dinner, and shopping through the night.

However, it’s not just parents and adults lining up to do their shopping. Students are already planning for the big day.

“Me and my friends go out to the mall once the clock strikes midnight to get all the best sales before they sell out on Black Friday,” said senior Madison Pearson.

Sophomore Kaitlyn Sliwecki enjoys shopping but cannot make it at midnight for the sales.

“I need to sleep a few hours before I start my Black Friday shopping,” she said.

Shopping is regarded by some to be more embraced by girls than guys. However, there are guys that venture out that day as well.

“I go out every year because it is something my family has done for as long as I can remember,” said senior Pete Lancetta.

“I think its normal for guys to go Black Friday shopping; Its an opportunity to save money and to get done some early holiday shopping,” said Kayla Carey, an avid Black Friday shopper herself.

Male or female, Black Friday is considered to be more so a holiday than anything else. Marking the official start of the holiday season, people will be emptying their wallets once the clock strikes midnight.