Grading 2023 NFL Draft Selections


1 (1): Carolina Panthers B+
Bryce Young, Alabama, QB: I love Carolina trading up to get their franchise quarterback. However, Young’s size scares me a little and makes me wonder if Stroud would have been the better pick.
2 (2): Houston Texans A+
C.J. Stroud, Ohio State, QB: I watched this man play live and he’s worth his draft position. This guy has generational talent written all over him. A great arm, is a playmaker with his feet, and is a smart football player. Misconceptions about this player will be put to rest.
3 (3): Houston Texans A +
Will Anderson Jr., Alabama, OLB: The Texans get arguably the best offensive and defensive players in the draft. Even though they traded a haul back to Arizona, when you get this much talent in round one, you have to be happy. The Texans hit the first round out of the park in my opinion.
4 (4): Indianapolis Colts B
Anthony Richardson, Florida, QB: The Colts desperately needed an answer at the quarterback position and they saw their future with Florida QB Anthony Richardson. He’s pretty good with his legs and has an absolute cannon of an arm–reminiscent of Josh Allen.
5 (5): Seattle Seahawks B+
Devon Witherspoon, Illinois, CB: Even with Seattle’s offensive explosion in 2022, the defense was still something to be desired. The secondary was shaky even with the likes of star rookie, Tariq Woolen. Here, they get a generational talent that will pair nicely with Woolen.
6 (6) Arizona Cardinals A
Paris Johnson Jr., Ohio State, OT: In my opinion, the most talented OL in the draft. Johnson is a force and a brick wall at 6’6, 313 lbs. One for the future for sure.
7 (7): Las Vegas Raiders A
Tyree Wilson, Texas Tech, DE: Not the flashiest pick in the world, but I think it was the right one. With Las Vegas’ lack of pass rush (outside of Maxx Crosby) last year, they needed to get better in the trenches. They were 29th in the league in sacks per game, averaging a measly 1.6 a game. Wilson’s speed and agility will terrify AFC West’s offensive lines for a long time.
8 (8) Atlanta Falcons B+
Bijan Robinson, Texas, RB: The Falcons are getting the standout running back of the draft here. The main question is the place he was drafted at. Many people seem to believe Robinson was over drafted, but the narrative is that way just because he’s a running back, but he could be the next great back in the NFL, so this pick is justified.
9 (9): Philadelphia Eagles A
Jalen Carter, Georgia, DT: Man Howie stole the show with the Eagles draft. Having arguably the best defensive player in the draft fall right in your lap at nine is something Roseman could not pass up. I think if he can stay clear of the off-the-field issues, Carter will be a stud for the Philadelphia Bulldogs.
10 (10) Chicago Bears B-
Darnell Wright, Tennessee, OT: He locked up Will Anderson helping Tennessee secure a massive win over Alabama in the 2022 season. Although a little bit raw, his size and tenacity at the line of scrimmage make up for his disadvantages technically. I would have gone Jones over Wright, still can’t fault the Bears for this selection.
11 (11) Tennessee Titans A-
Peter Skoronski, Northwestern, OT: Man the Titans are not looking great. However, picking Skowronski and re-beefing the offensive line is a step in the right direction for Mike Vrabel and the company. Got to protect those young QBs, whoever is starting.
12 (12) Detroit Lions B+
Jahmyr Gibbs, Alabama, RB: Gibbs is the most versatile back in this draft, and he’s very talented and talented. This guy possesses a talent that goes under the radar for a running back. He can block, run, take passes out of the backfield, and can slot in as a gadget guy at receiver. With the Lions moving on D’andre Swift, he is a perfect replacement and I don’t think that organization will skip a beat in the run game.
13 (13) Green Bay Packers C+
Lukas Van Ness, Iowa, DE: Um, I’m a little confused by this one, but not shocked in the slightest. This feels like such a Packer move, but disregarding the need at receiver yet again while JSN was on the board feels like a miss. We’ll see, but I think the Packers should have gone with an offensive pick here to help their young QB.
14 (14) Pittsburgh Steelers A
Broderick Jones, Georgia, OT: The Steelers are maximizing the value of the 14th pick by simultaneously taking the best player available, and in a position they desperately need. The Steelers’ front line has been known to be frail the last two seasons in the NFL. Jones could be integral in the rejuvenation of that offensive line.
15 (15): New York Jets C
Will McDonald IV, Iowa State, OLB: I understand the need for a pass rush, but this feels like a reach. The consensus was that McDonald would go sometime during day 2 but Joe Douglas and Robert Salah must have seen something that we didn’t. Not a terrible pick, but there were better prospects available.
16 (16) Washington Commanders B
Emmanuel Forbes, Mississippi State, CB: I believe in this guy. He has the talent to become one of the best, and his size is valuable. But, I’m giving this pick a B because although I like the selection, I thoroughly believe that Christian Gonzalez was missed badly with Forbes going right before him. Gonzalez is the 2nd best defensive back in the entire draft.
17 (17) New England Patriots A+++
Christian Gonzalez, Oregon, CB: Wow. Nothing much to say here besides the Pats got the steal of the draft. Gonzo will help solidify that rebuilding New England secondary.
18 (18) Detroit Lions A
Jack Campbell, Iowa, ILB: This dude is a maniac and a field general on defense. What a pick for the Lions. They’re going to grow to love this guy and he fits perfectly lining up in that defense. He and Rodriguez will run the lanes while Houston, Hutchinson, and McNeil crash the line.
19 (19): Tampa Bay Buccaneers B+
Calijah Kancey, Pittsburgh, DT: Contrary to popular belief, I liked this pick a lot. Pairing massive nose tackle Vita Vea with a younger, lighter player in Kancey gives that defensive line some good diversity. The Bucs will not be great in 2023, but not because of that defensive line.
20 (20) Seattle Seahawks A+
Jaxon Smith-Njigba, Ohio State, WR: Jaxon Smith-Njigba is the best and most talented receiver in college football. He had 347 yards and 3 touchdowns in a bowl game.
21. (NA) : Miami Dolphins F
No Selection: Not too much to say here. The Dolphins could have used this pick in the draft, but a failed tampering scandal with Tom Brady took it away.
22.(21)Los Angeles Chargers B
Quentin Johnston, TCU, WR: The Chargers add another hugely talented jump ball receiver alongside Mike Williams. This selection looks like this fits the bill of a pass-heavy offense. I would have gone with a different profile of receiver, but Johnston is hugely talented and can get the job done.
23 (22): Baltimore Ravens A-
Zay Flowers, Boston College, WR: Flowers is an extremely underrated wideout. His ability to generate the big play via his speed is unparalleled. The Ravens had to please Lamar and I think they did with this selection.
24 (23) Minnesota Vikings B+
Jordan Addison, USC, WR: Good pick and a great receiver. The replacement for Stefon Diggs. This guy will give the Vikings multiple thousand-yard seasons and constantly takes the top off of a defense. A real speed demon.
25 (24): New York Giants B+
Deonte Banks, Maryland, CB: Arguably the third-best corner in a deep class, Banks brings athleticism and speed. Although he only had one interception in 2022, Banks possesses good man coverage skills that will help the Giants’ secondary.
26 (25) Buffalo Bills B+
Dalton Kincaid, Utah, TE: Decent selection. This player is the out-and-out best Tight End in the draft. Kincaid can give Knox a rest and come in and give identical or even better production at the position. He’s very dynamic and athletic, and a good blocker. Solid luxury pick for the Bills.
27 (26): Dallas Cowboys B-
Mazi Smith, Michigan, DT: Don’t get me wrong, this fills a need but I think this was a slight reach. Smith will get immediate playing time but I feel as though there was better talent available, especially on the defensive side of the ball.
28 (27) Jacksonville Jaguars A-
Anton Harrison, Oklahoma, OT: This is a great pick for the simple fact that the Jaguars need a good offensive line for this next season. This is the Jaguars’ weak point on their team, and to protect Trevor Lawrence, they draft Anton Harrison. The Jaguars picked a player in a position of need, and that’s all there is to it.
29 (28): Cincinnati Bengals A
Myles Murphy, Clemson, DE: That Clemson Defensive line is one of the better ones in recent memory. Here, a pivotal part of that line lands in Cincy. Murphy will be a good rotational piece early in his career but will develop into a full-time pass rusher on the Bengals’ defensive front.
30 (29): New Orleans Saints A-
Bryan Bresee, Clemson, DT: The Saints’ defense is aging and they are losing players. The philosophy seems to be to draft a bunch of young guys and let them grow together. Bresee is a very skilled and agile defensive tackle with sneaky strength to him.
31 (30): Philadelphia Eagles A
Nolan Smith, Georgia, OLB: Eagles get a great athlete with the ability to eventually start. Like Murphy, he will be a rotational piece with Hasan Reddick/Josh Sweat, but will soon develop into a full-time starter.
32 (31) Kansas City Chiefs C+
Felix Anudike-Uzomah, Kansas State, DE: The Chiefs have zero positions of need on defense. The pick is all right, but it won’t be the difference between winning championships and not winning one. This player will undoubtedly contribute to sacks for their defense, but they could have gotten more value for this selection.