Easter Sunday and The April Pink Moon


“Pink moon, Pine Mountain Observatory, Oregon” by Bonnie Moreland (free images) is marked with CC PDM 1.0.

Tylissa Arnold, Reporter

On Saturday, April 16th, there will be a pink moon. A pink moon occurs about once a month. Disappointingly, the pink moon isn’t actually pink, it’s more of a deep orangey-yellow color. The “pink moon” got this name due to a wildflower that’s typically referred to as “moss pink”. The moss pink wildflower blooms during the early spring, so when you’re walking around you may see it! This month’s pink moon also happens to be the first full moon of the month.

Right after the full moon comes Easter Sunday. This year’s Easter has been much later than Easter of the past few years. The reason behind this is the fact that the first full moon of springtime, otherwise known as the Paschal full moon, came later than normal. The name “Paschal” comes from the word “Pascha”. “Pascha” is the Aramanic word for Passover, which is fitting for the season.

The Paschal full moon marks the beginning of the spring equinox. This is when the sun’s rays directly hit the equator before it crosses over into the Northern Hemisphere. The Sunday that follows the first full moon will be Easter Sunday.

Easter represents rebirth for many people, especially those who are spiritual. This is why a bunny is the mascot and eggs of the holiday; they both typically represent new life. There are also a few yearly traditions when it comes to Easter. A very popular tradition is the annual Easter Day Parade in New York. It started in the mid 1800’s and peaked in the 1940’s when the movie “Easter Parade” came out. Another tradition is Easter Eggs Hunts. This is when colorful eggs are hidden around and kids have to go and hunt for them.

This year’s Easter falls on Sunday, April 17th. Have a hoppy Easter and an egg-cellent Spring Break!