Board Approves Funding for Turf Field


At the January 2022 meeting, the Hammonton Board of Education voted to approve a $93,800 withdrawal from a Capital Reserve fund for the construction of a high school athletic turf field.

The board also resolved to award the contract for the turf field construction to The LandTek Group, LLC in the amount of $1,562,800.

The District awarded a contract for one artificial turf field to be built near the east side of the high school, closest to Gym A. The soccer and field hockey teams will have access to use them.

According to Barbara Pretty, the district business administrator, the athletic department and parents brought up concerns about field conditions after an extreme wet fall season.

Additionally, there were concerns that Hammonton athletes had a disadvantage when competing against other schools who already have turf facilities, especially when some of their important games end up being played on turf. Having turf to practice on will help the athletes get accustomed to a different environment. The Board hopes that the construction of the new turf field will alleviate many problems athletes, parents and districts may have.

The construction of the turf field took many years of planning but is anticipated to be finished when fall hits. The district had to get approval from the Pinelands Commision first before moving forward.

In the future, the district may consider another turf field but nothing is set in stone other than making sure Hammonton facilities remain competitive with other schools.