FNAF’s Newest Game


Tylissa Arnold, Reporter

In the 10th game of the franchise, you play as a 10 year old named Greggory instead of a nameless security guard like in the other nine games. With the help of Glamrock Freddy, your goal is to escape the massive Pizza Plex without getting caught by the other three animatronics, the night guard, Vanessa, or the ever so elusive Vanny. While you’re trying to escape in one piece, you have the chance to earn collectables as well as discover secrets within the game.

It was briefly mentioned in the beginning, but this installment of the series is much different than the gameplay many are used to. For starters, the player isn’t confined to one or two rooms. Instead, there’s three stories that are filled to the brim with things to find. There’s also a few new animatronics, such as Montgomery Gator and Roxanne Wolf (who are replacements for Foxy and Bonnie).

Despite its differences, this new game is still similar to the others. The player is still trying to invade the murderous robots that skulk through the darkness while simultaneously trying to reach 6AM.

Security Breach is currently out on Steam, PS4, and the PS5. Hopefully soon the game will be released on other platforms, like the Nintendo Switch or iOS. Until you’re able to play it for yourself, there’s multiple streamers on Twitch and YouTube that have completed a play through of the game.