Febles honored as Teacher of the Year


Every year the school announces their choice for the Teacher of the Year around this time. This year, an ESL teacher was surprised by his win. After almost seven years at Hammonton, Mr. Febles was honored with the title of, Teacher of the Year.

“I was completely surprised,” he said. “I was not expecting it at all.”

Before his time in Hammonton, he spent time learning at Stockton and Rutgers University. Obtaining degrees in political science, history, American history, and an ESL certification, Febles had his hands full in college.

It has all paid off since starting with Hammonton school district.

For Febles,  “getting to know and work with my students” is the best part of the job. While he enjoyed his time in high school, he wouldn’t do it again and he is appreciative for the opportunities that came after.

What doesn’t he like?

“Getting up so early in the morning.”

Starting his career in Hammonton in 2015, Febles teaches ESL students and history courses for the ESL students. He was an ESL student himself, which shows his understanding for students who are in a new place where they don’t speak or understand the language.

“When I was in elementary school, I was an ESL student,” he explained. “I came from Puerto Rico without knowing any English. I was a quick learner; within 2 or 3 years I picked up the language and was assisting other ESL students in my class. I suppose this is the root of me becoming a teacher.”

“I wanted to make a difference in the lives of people in my community and to guide them and possibly inspire them to do bigger and better things,” he said.

Being able to relate to the students has been an advantage to Mr. Febles and has been a factor in how well he accomplishes his job.

He also has a life outside of the Hammonton High School building, and enjoys reading and binge watching his favorite shows, including Chinese martial arts fantasy dramas.

“I know, I am a total nerd,” he said.