One of Us: Ms. Barry

Isabella Rivera, Reporter

1. Where did you attend high school and what was your graduation year?
I attended high school at Cumberland Regional High School and graduated in 2016

2. College Info

    • Where: Stockton University. I am now attending Drexel University for my master’s degree is Mathematic Learning and Techniques.
    • Degrees Held: A bachelor’s in mathematics and education

3. Professional History:
This is my first teaching job! I did student teach at Pinelands Regional Senior High School in 2020 for my senior year of college. I student taught all Algebra 2 Classes.

4. What are you teaching here at HHS?
I currently teach Algebra 2 CP and General at Hammonton.

5. Why were you inspired to go into education?
I was inspired by my family to become a teacher. Most of my family members were or still are teachers and they showed me all the wonderful things teaching has to offer. I grew up seeing all the beauties of teaching and the impact I could have on others as a teacher.

6. Finish this statement: My least favorite thing about my job is the pandemic preventing me to see all my students every day…or seeing them at all!

7. Finish this statement: The thing I enjoy the most about doing my job seeing my students succeed in Algebra 2!

8. Finish this statement: My biggest fear is how COVID-19 may, and how long it may, affect our traditional learning environment.

9. Finish this statement: One thing about me that would surprise people is I used to be a competitive dancer.

10. Finish this statement: When I´  not in school, my hobbies include reading, traveling to New York City (when we could travel), hiking, kayaking, watching Broadway shows, and spending time with family and friends.

11. Finish this statement: One thing I have learned about working at HHS is we are all one Hammonton family and here to support each other and all our students!!!!