This Week’s Random Holidays

Hope Friddell, Reporter

We’ve all participated in the celebration that comes with popular holidays For instance, opening presents Christmas morning or dressing up in costume for Halloween. But what about the holidays that happen every single day that often go unnoticed?

In the month of February, there are quite a few days that have been deemed as either holidays or “national days.” Which ones will you celebrate this month?

February 26th: Carnival Day

Today’s the day to celebrate one of the world’s most popular forms of entertainment: Carnivals! While Hammonton’s carnival doesn’t come to town until July, there are still ways to participate. Look for school carnivals & church carnivals too! There’s always fun activities to take part in!

February 27th: No Brainer Day

Have a boring chore that needs to be done? Do you need to study for a big test? Today’s NOT the day for that. Take part in “No Brainer” activities today, anything that requires little to no thinking!

February 28th: Public Sleeping Day

Wanna take a nap in class? Today’s the day! Public Sleeping Day began when a worker got caught sleeping on the job. An action that’s usually frowned upon is totally acceptable on February 28th so snore away!

Want to see other Holidays scheduled for this month? Check out this website!