The Devils' Advocate

Tevya Paretti

  • Member of the Class of : 2018

  • Sports/Club Involvement: Green Club, World Language Club, Key Club, The Student Council, The Sophomore Driving Club

  • Top 5 songs on my Playlist: “Put on your Sunday Clothes” from Hello Dolly!; “We’ll Meet Again” Vera Lynn; “Deep Purple” Turner Layton; “I Can’t get Started” Bunny Berigan; “There’s no Two Ways About it” Frankie Newton

  • Best Concert I’ve Been To: My younger sister’s Elementary School Band Saxophone Concert- Kidding!!!

  • 5 Celebrities/Personality I follow on Twitter: I do not have any social media accounts

  • Must Watch TV Shows: “How it’s Made”; “Mountain Monsters of Appalachia”; “The Andy Griffin Show”; “The Twilight Zone”

  • Favorite Movies: Up; Toy Story 3 (because Lotso Huggin’ Bear is my favorite character.)

  • Best Books or Stories I Ever Read: “The Wind in the Willows”; “The Little House on the Prairie”; “The Ranger’s Apprentice”

  • Quote to Live By: We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we're curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths. Walter Elias Disney

Tevya Paretti, Reporter

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