Football focuses on playoffs

October 26, 2021


Coming off two big wins against Deptford and Highland, the Hammonton Blue Devils will face Triton High School on Friday, October 29.

These wins help Hammonton in its effort to extend the season into playoffs.

Some of the senior football players agree that this is a big game coming up and they have to put a lot of effort and focus into this week’s game.

“The focus is to do our jobs correctly and to read our guys and block the right guys and play four quarters of football,” said senior running back and safety CJ Rossiter.

Senior Luis Rodriguez also agrees that the team will have to focus and do their jobs correctly to pull off another win this week.

“The focus of this game is to make sure we don’t turn the ball over and make sure we don’t have many penalties this game because we had an issue with a lot of penalties recently,” said Rodriguez.

The Blue Devils will continue to work hard this week practicing and working on strategies for this week’s big game against Triton.

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