Top Players The Eagles Can Pick At Twelve

April 28, 2021


After having one of the worst records in the league the Eagles ended the season at 4-11-1 landing the sixth pick in the draft. With that pick the Eagles were part of a blockbuster trade with the Dolphins giving them the sixth pick in return for the twelfth pick and another first rounder next year. The number twelve pick is still fairly high, so there is a large selection of players the team could pick that can make an impact. Any player could end up going to the birds this year but who are the top Prospects that could be taken at number twelve?

1. WR Devonta Smith


Smith is the first Wide Receiver to win the Heisman Trophy since 1991; he also broke almost every college record for a Wide Receiver. Although winning the Heisman, Smith is looked at as the second best receiver in the draft so there is a decent chance he can drop to twelve. The Eagles are in need of an offensive weapon and a record breaking receiver could make a big difference for this struggling offence and second year Quarterback Jalen Hurts.

2. LB Micah Parsons


Parsons is possibly the best defensive player in this year’s draft, but has dropped on some teams draft board due to locker room concerns so he could be a game changing player that drops to number twelve. The Eagles have never been a team that has invested into the Linebacker position but this player could be an exception. His sideline to sideline play and running back speed is extremely rare for a linebacker, he is not just a generational talent he is the type of player you can build your defense around.

3. CB Patrick Surtain II


The son of former Pro Bowl Cornerback Patrick Surtain the second is debatably the most promising Corner in this year’s draft. Pairing Surtain on the other side of the field with Darius Slay could totally change the direction of the Eagles secondary for years to come. Even though he was called for pass interference four times in 2019 his physicality could be turned into a positive when many scouts say that’s his only flaw. His explosiveness and ability to reach for the ball is unmatched, many say Corner is the most difficult position in the league so if you see a guy as talented as this at number twelve you have to jump on it.

4. CB Jaycee Horn


Another Cornerback in this year’s draft that comes from an NFL bloodline the son of former Pro Bowler and Saints legend Joe Horn, Jaycee Horn has been climbing up draft boards the past few months especially after top three Corner Prospect Caleb Farley had back surgery. Horn’s natural athleticism combined with his height is going to be dangerous in the pros. This is the most realistic pick the Eagles could make at twelve, mock drafts have him going anywhere from ten to sometimes twenty five so many scouts believe he is a boom or bust talent. Horn has had multiple meetings with the Eagles organization and it seems that if the team doesn’t trade up Horn would be the guy to bet on the birds taking.

5. WR Jaylen Waddle


Jaylen Waddle would be the second Receiver named Jaylen/Jalen taken in the first round in a row. Waddle was injured for the past season allowing his teammate Devonta Smith to receive most of the targets which resulted in him winning the Heisman, but many people believe Waddle is a better overall Receiver. Spreading out the field has been the goal of this offence and Waddles speed can help turn this team into a well oiled machine. Historically the Eagles have never had an consistent and elite Wide Receiver and hopefully Waddle can change that if he is drafted.

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