Petracci ‘on course’ for success


Senior Noah Petracci is preparing for the competitive season at Hammonton High School.

What drove you to play golf?
I wanted to play golf cause I wanted to be good at something.

When did you start golfing?
I started golfing at the age of 13. The first time I ever golfed was with my pops at the Golden Pheasant.

How much have you improved since your freshman year of golf to your senior year?
My freshman year of golf on 9 holes I was hitting a 42. Now as a senior I shoot 37. I have been hitting the gym and getting my arms bigger to get a faster swing.

What was it like talking to the college coaches for golf?
My recruitment video was quite simple with a two minute. I put together a video of me playing golf and I sent it to colleges like Hofstra, Jefferson, West- Chester.

How did your recruitment go? What did you do to get the coaches attention?
My recruitment was quite simple. am going to continue my education at Thomas Jefferson University.

Where do you golf now?
Little Mill

How long do you golf for?
I golf all the time. I golf all year long.

Reasons why I love golf?
I love it because its not a normal high school thing, but it is a thing a lot of old people get in it.

How do you handle the mental challenge?
The hardest part is keeping your cool when you have a bad shot. You get down on yourself because its something you can’t get back. But, its all about the next shot, so that’s what I tell myself.

I won a few Philadelphia Junior Tours, which really let my name get out there to colleges and get me on the radar for scholarships.