Promising Phillies Prospects coming out of Spring Training

March 25, 2021

Last year the Phillies depended on their young players a lot, with calling up studs like Spencer Howard and runner up for National League Rookie of the Year Alec Bohm. The Phillies aren’t in the position to win the division right now but possibly some of their young arms and bats can bring the team to the next level. So since spring training is just starting up and the new season is coming up I would like to take a look at some of the promising prospects the Phillies could call up this year.

1.Mickey Moniak

The 2016 first overall pick hasn’t lived up to the hype especially after being called up and only batting .214 with a total of 3 hits in 14 at bats, but this spring training he isn’t looking that bad. Moniak is leading in OPS and batting a .273 hopefully Moniak can come out of his shell after being kept in the minors for as long has been and can become a quality starter.

2. Bryson Stott

Stott hasn’t had the strongest spring training this year with batting 2 for 23, a .087 OPS, and a pretty bad strike out problem. With Stott you have to look at it the way people look at the game itself, baseball is a game of streaks and he’s on a bad one. With there being no minor league action last year it’s probably a bit of rust hold Stott back but once he gets a few more at bats and maybe hops in the lineup sometime during the regular season he’ll be back on track. Stott could be more of a plug and play guy with him being able to play Shortstop and 2nd base so any days off or injuries in the infield could mean we’ll see Stott pretty early in the season.

3. Adonis Medina

Pitchers don’t get as much attention with him only pitching 2 innings but only allowing 1 hit things are looking good for the young arm. With the team losing Jake Arrieta, Medina could be put in the starting rotation and think a young rotation with Eflin, Howard, and Medina in their staff has the chance of being elite in the future.

4. Rodolfo Duran

Duran has had the strongest bat through his minor career but this spring training he is batting 3 for 10 which is a very small sample size but with Andrew Knapp who is getting up there in age for a catcher maybe Duran could start when star catcher J.T Realmuto takes his off days. We will have to wait and see how he hits against major league pitchers but, it is hard to be worse than Andrew Knapp. Hopefully we’ll see what Duran has to offer this season, and hopefully he is a solid backup for Realmuto.

5. Bailey Falter

Falter has not had an ideal spring training, posting an ERA of 18 at first glance this is horrible but he has only pitched 1 inning which dulls the pain. Falter has posted an ERA of 3.16 through his minor career which is actually better than Spencer Howards ERA of 3.28 who was called up for 6 games last year. With Nola, Wheeler, Eflin, Howard, and possibly Medina the pitching rotation could get a little crowded so possibly moving Falter to the bullpen could help him adjust to the majors.

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