Girls Winter Track Season Looks A Lot Different


Isabella Rivera, Reporter

The Blue Devils girls winter track 2021 season looks a lot different than it has before.

Coach Wolosky and Coach Majosky have been trying to make everything as normal as possible and get the team prepared for the upcoming meets. There are only 4 Saturday meets (2/27, 3/6, 3/13, 3/20) this year.

“This season is different from years past and comes with a lot of challenges. Meets are now being held outdoors because of Covid-19 restrictions and with HHS’s new cold-weather policy, we have had to do a lot of virtual practices as opposed to our usual outdoor in-person practices,” said Wolosky.  “However, we are making the most of it. Any type of season is better than no season at all. We are still focused on doing our best, trying to be competitive in our meets, and improving our times/distances. I’m very proud of all the girls on the team for trying their best and working hard despite the circumstances and I’m looking forward to our polar bear meets”

Abby Smith is still trying to make the best out of the season even with the circumstances.

“This track season has certainly been very different so far,” said Smith. “It is very odd to be doing practices virtually instead of in-person with the team and to be running on our own a lot. Although I’m still very excited and grateful to have some sort of a season, I do miss competing like normal. I miss driving up to The Bubble and New York to compete. I also miss my teammates and seeing them every day!”

For athletes like sophomore Kaylie Ranere, the uncertainty of the season is hard to ignore.

“The track season this year is so much different because we don’t know when we are going to get to meet in person,” she explained. “It has been hard because of all the cold weather we are having and the fact that we aren’t allowed to practice inside together anymore due to Covid. We have very few in-person practices and already have a meet in about 10 days. It’s very stressful because we all want to do good but it’s hard when we have so little time to practice.”

Senior Kirstin Reese noted the temperature as one of the major differences for the season.

“This season is different because we don’t get to race at the bubble. This season all of our races are outside which will be weird because we’ve never raced in the cold like this before.”

Sabrina McFerren recognizes the fact they the athletes won’t get to run at “The Bubble.”

“This season will definitely be different from all the rest,” according to McFerren. ” One major example is having our meets outside. In all the years before they have always been indoors, so it’s going to be a challenge being out in the cold for so long. The thing I will miss the most about this season is being in “The Bubble” with all of my teammates and having so much fun with them.”

The Bubble in Toms River, New Jersey is a place that the seniors will definitely miss racing at next year. Hopefully next year the girls will get a chance to race there again. S

“I am trying to make the best of my senior season and have fun with it,” Smith added. “It is a crazy year but I’m still thankful we can have a season, even if it’s different than what I’m used to.”

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One of the many Zoom workouts the girls have completed when they couldn’t meet in person.