Houston Astros Accused of Cheating

Bobby Esau and Vincent Tomasello

With the 2019 Major League Baseball season just coming to an end, new allegations have been brought forward against the Houston Astros. The Astros have been accused of using cameras, buzzers, and other electronic equipment to steal the opposing teams signs. This scandal has resulted in fines and removal of team personnel. Astros manager AJ Hinch, along with Astros General Manager Jeff Lunhow have been fired over the scandal.

There have been many cheating scandals in recent MLB history, including hundreds of allegations of illegal use of Performance Enhancing Drugs that have led to long term suspensions. Sign stealing, tampering with equipment and the playing field are other forms of cheating teams have been caught using in recent years.

All Astros players accused of being involved have declined to any further comment at this time. Major League Baseball has an ongoing investigation and will be looking to distribute punishment to all involved.

Why This is a Big Deal

An average Major League Baseball travels at 93.4 mph. With the mound 60 feet and 6 inches away, the time from when the ball leaves the pitchers hand to the time it reaches home plate is faster than the blink of an eye. Once different pitches, spin rates and velocity are accounted for, it is nearly impossible to hit a Major League Pitch.

The Astros were accused of using a camera to intercept the signs given from the opposing catcher to the pitcher. On different occasions, the Astros were seen banging on a trash can to indicate to their batters what pitch was coming.

New details have emerged from the alleged “niece” of former Astros Outfielder Carlos Beltran. In a recent string of tweets, this person had leaked that Astros superstars Jose Altuve, and Alex Bregman were wearing buzzers during their 2019 ALCS series against the New York Yankees. Beltran and his family have declined that this person is his niece or in anyway related to him. It is highly suspected that these tweets came from a so called “burner account” of a player or personnel of the Houston Astros.

This has been said to be the largest cheating scandal in Major League Baseball history. Fans will have to wait for the investigation to conclude to see what punishments will be dealt out.