For McFerren, running is about doing well and having fun

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For McFerren, running is about doing well and having fun

Marina Mazziotto, Reporter

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Sophomore Sabrina McFerren runs in every season: cross-country in the fall, winter track, and again the spring. So what motivates her to keep going?


Q: What got you into running?

A: I have always loved running ever since I was little, and I love being apart of this team.


Q: What do you say to yourself to get yourself mentally prepared for a race?

A: To get myself mentally prepared I usually try to remind myself that I am running for a reason and I just need to go out and have fun.


Q: What goes through your mind during a race?

A: When I’m running I try to focus on the race and moving up in places.


Q: What makes you push while you’re running?

A: The competition and my team pushes me to do better while I’m running.


Q: How do you feel after you run a good race? A bad one?

A: I feel amazing after I run a good race, I’m so happy and excited. When I run a bad race I try not to let it get to me and focus on my next race.


Q: Do you ever feel like there is too much pressure on you since you’re one of the top runners?

A: Yes, I always feel like there is pressure on me to do my best in all of my races.


Q: How has your running career been overall?

A: I think my running career has been very successful so far, but I am always looking to improve.


Q: Do you like running more as a team like in a relay race, or alone?

A: I like running in a relay race more because you can share the accomplish with everyone that you ran with.


Q: What is your favorite thing to run? The 400, 800, 1200, 1600, 3200, or 5K?

A: I love running the 3200 in track.


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