Fall sports have 2018 vision

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Fall sports have 2018 vision

Neil Massaro, Reporter

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The 2017 Fall season was an extraordinary run for many of the HHS sports. As the school year comes to an end, training for 2018 Fall athletes is just beginning.

As a result of the outcome from last season, the athletes from prospective sports have visions for their team.

Nikoli Iuliucci, one of the top runnings for boys cross country has an expectation of his team.

“This season is going to require a lot of hard work to get us where we have been previous years,” he explained, “With dedication,  we have the potential to be a really strong team.”

Female runner, Anna Peretti feels the same way as Nikoli, hoping for exponential growth across the team.

Wide Receiver of the Football team, Hunter MacDuff has his adrenaline pumping for this coming season, after making it to states in 2017.

“I think we have a great bond as a team right now. There is so much energy in the weight room and all of us are excited to get out on the field,” He said. “This year is going to be very exciting with all of the talent we have across the board.”

Domenica Rehmann has a slightly different look for the field hockey team.

¨My vision is to rebuild our team because it’s really young, said Domenica. ¨ I hope we can come out with a solid record and beat St. Joe again!¨

Boys and girls soccer players come together with a vision to play just as well as last year.

¨My vision would be for us to grow as a group on and off he field and to constantly push each other and motivate each other.¨ Gel Ortiz said, ¨This will ensure the success of the team so we can be great.¨

Tommy Dawson has hopes for the same growth, that will score them another chance to be a great, strong team.

¨I just hope we can train well and really push each other to score as many goals as possible.¨

Tennis has made it to states the past 2 years. Victoria Falciani plans to head there for third consecutive year.

¨We have perfected our practice routines.¨ she bragged, ¨I have no doubt we can make it to states for the third consecutive time.¨

HHS devils sports have extraordinary talent and potential. These select athletes spoke on behalf of their team, and their athletic gifts.

After a strong 2017 season, there is much vision, much growth, and certainly much recognition coming for this 2018 Fall season.