Time perceived by the naked eye


Alex Biazzo, Reporter

How far back can you remember? Can you remember any inciting events of last year? How about two years? Maybe as far back as the moment you were born? Remembering things from a long time ago can bring an ecstatic feeling of nostalgia. Remembering things from recent events aren’t as exciting usually, but is 2015 really that recent now? Are you starting to catch on to the pattern?

A new decade has arrived, but does it feel that way? It feels weird now that it’s been mentioned. One whole decade. Ten years. It’s hard to believe how much has happened in what felt like such a short amount of time.

So many new faces, habits, and changes you have experienced. We all experience these things, no matter the period of time. It’s strange to think some of these events happened just yesterday, but a few months ago feels so distant.

Perception of time changes with age. As for myself, I can remember how each day felt so long as a child. Nowadays though, everyone is so busy and focused on other things to realise the time. People grow up and move on from the past. Time does that to people. It happens to everyone. Sometimes we just have more important things to focus on than time, which creates the strange phenomenon of lost time.

The past decade hasn’t lacked in advancements, either, such as the introduction of smartphones. Technology has become a big part of life over the past decade. Entertainment has been made more accessible, even on the go. It’s easier to talk to people now more than ever. Yet again though, it takes quite a long time to advance so much. None of this was made in a day. People had to learn to do these things, which requires time. All the brilliant contributors and inventors of society used said time to their advantage.

With so many good things that have happened, there was also enough room for more unfortunate events to occur. Death, war, and so on. Global warming definitely took a toll on the earth, but it didn’t happen in a day. It took time to get to the stage it got to, like an infection. If not treated right away it will develop until it’s too late. This is what some do with their time. They litter and pollute the world because they seemingly don’t have the time to care. That can change, though. Everyone always has time. A bit of change could be the only needed thing to combat the negatives of time.

So, do you feel old yet? Are you more aware of the clock? Perhaps try wearing a watch to keep track.Remember that time is quite contradictory, it may go by so quickly, but nothing happens in one night. Everything needs time to function. Next time you reminisce a little bit on the past, slow down a bit, you have time. We all do.