The Left’s Most Recent Power Grab


Nicholas Bonfiglio, Reporter

Now that we are nearing the end of this corona scamdemic, there have been many debates on how we should be opening up, much of which is still unresolved. Many right-wing politicians and their supporters are very keen on opening up as soon as possible, much of which is already being seen in states such as Florida and Texas, as their governors Ron DeSantis and Greg Abbot have already lifted mask mandates and other restrictions.

Despite this, there are still many power-hungry treasonous Democrats who, despite all the evidence of masks not working and the lockdowns being a net negative to everyone, especially the youth, want harsher lockdowns even as more people get vaccinated and COVID becomes less of an issue.

The most recent power grab Democrats have suggested is the idea of mandatory vaccination cards or “vaccine passports” so that you could have the privileges of a normal person. At this point they are just blatantly attacking our personal liberties and the sad part about it is that half of our population is just so brainwashed that they are supporting it. The irony in this situation is that these are the same people that called Donald Trump an evil fascist dictator for the past five years.

These suggested vaccination cards would go against one of this country’s core fundamental values of liberty, let alone being morally wrong. Just a couple years ago this idea would be considered crazy. An identification card requiring you to be vaccinated just to live like a normal human being?

Any sane person would still think that’s crazy. Whether you are for vaccines or against them, you should still realize how insane this idea is. Being treated like a second class citizen for having questions and concerns for the most rushed to production vaccines we’ve ever created. Normal people shouldn’t support this, especially if they care about things like limiting government overreach and having basic freedoms however, unfortunately, as we’ve seen, this isn’t the case

In the past year especially we’ve seen that a lot of Americans are willing to do whatever the politicians and “public health officials” tell them too no matter how crazy it seemed even just the previous week. This may be the sad truth about the vaccine passports as well with enough overpaid news anchors and partisan college professors telling us that we “need” this to end the coronavirus, just like we needed the multiple lockdowns and masks which so clearly worked.

We as Americans should see this for what it really is: our politician elitists just trying to gain more control over us. “Take our vaccine or else you can’t go visit your elderly grandparents or have a normal wedding.”

That isn’t what this country is about and we shouldn’t stand by and let it happen.