Prom Matters: Here’s Why

Prom Matters: Here's Why

Dylan Earnshaw, Reporter

Here are some reasons why Prom matters:

  • Some seniors haven’t had one yet. Senior year.
  • You become part of a bigger story that every other high school student got to share in.
  • Memories
  • Huge-shared event.
  • We look our best.

Prom is a big time of year for most students in High School, this year it has a little more meaning than usual. Last year, students did not get to have a prom due to Covid, so for the seniors this year it has more meaning to them. This prom is some people’s first and last and many people are really hoping the rumors about having prom are true.

Seniors this year missed out on all the dances, the pep rallies, and more. So if prom doesn’t happen many seniors will be dissappointed and will likely be unhappy with their final year in High School. The memories made during senior year are ones to remember, and everyone wants to look back at their senior prom when they are older.

If this year’s prom does happen, it will be different from what everyone is used to having. It would have to be outside under tents with a catering company. There aren’t many more details on what will be happening at prom, but it is looking like it will happen.

Some seniors gave their input on what prom means to him,

“Getting dressed up and being dapper, having fun and taking pictures.”- Ryan Craig

“Its our last year, the food is great, and I love dancing.”- Tommy Dawson

“I am looking forward to the prom bus and prom weekend.”-TJ Beatty

In my opinion, I believe that everyone should be able to go to the prom at least once in their high school career.