How is Remote Learning Impacting Students?

How is Remote Learning Impacting Students?

In March of 2020 due to the coronavirus schools across the country started doing all of their classes remotely from home. Now in March of 2021 Hammonton gives students the ability to be in school at least 2 days a week if you wish or feel safe enough to do so. However, all of the work is done online and the days anyone is remote the classes are being streamed remotely through zoom.

Many students have noticed that since we have had to go remote, the workload teachers are giving students is becoming a lot to handle. While it may seem that because students are remote they have plenty of time to get any assignments done given within that day, what some may not notice is how things have changed since the shutdown began.

Many people have lost their jobs, taken extra shifts or even another job to support their families during this time, this leaves the teens to take care of their siblings if they have them and need to take care of them due to them being home due to remote learning. On the other hand a student could be working two jobs to help their parents pay bills while in school because of how much the rules of remote learning have changed.

Teachers were told to give students an assignment for each day. When you look at it like that, as the simplest form, it seems very easy however when you look at the assignments given they can be anywhere from 10-50 questions per assignment per class per day. When a student is forced to deal with this drastic change in such a short period of time it becomes exhausting.

Not only does this affect the students but it also affects the teachers as well. Due to the teachers having to put out so much work for the students, if students start to fall behind and are making up work constantly the teachers have more and more to grade each day with the assignments not only due from that day but any assignments that students are making up.

While this is something that we have had to adjust to it has become a temporary normal, moving forward the school board should take into consideration student life outside of school due to the effects of the coronavirus on families.