Marina Mazziotto, Reporter

Relax! School’s almost over, and summer’s coming. Stress is over, homework is over, school drama is over. Do some nice things for yourself. Go out with friends, hang out with family, take some alone time. It’s time to recharge from life.

School is stressful. But guess what? School will be over by just next week. All you really have are finals. And guess what? Who cares about them! I’m not saying to flunk them, but don’t go overboard giving yourself breakdowns and crying spells trying to get a “perfect grade.” It’s just a grade! It’s not life! In case you haven’t noticed, “grade” is spelled “g-r-a-d-e.” Not “l-i-f-e.”

Point is: summer’s coming. Happiness and relaxation are coming. Not that summer’s perfect in relieving your stressful life, but it does eliminate the school part of your stress. So kick back, relax, grab a popsicle, and take three months for yourself. Forget about everything else! Yeah, there’s summer work, but there’s THREE MONTHS to complete that.

So don’t worry. Do whatever makes you relaxed and happy. And have a good summer.