Negligence for Veterans


Daniel Mutko, Reporter

With Memorial Day just passing this Monday May 27 many took the opportunity to remember those who served and many just used it as an excuse to barbeque and go to the beach. The Army tweeted out asking veterans as well as active duty soldiers how their service has impacted them. The responses were anything but good with many ptsd horror stories and negative impacts due to not receiving the care needed.

Although Memorial Day is to remember those who have given their lives for our freedom the question arises if America actually cares. With the startling statistics about veterans really raises concern about how much Americans really support and care for those who have served. 300,000 veterans died waiting for healthcare, 40,000 are currently homeless, 326,000 are unemployed, and 20 veterans commit suicide every day. If America really cared would this be happening and how do we fix it? The VA helps as many people as they can but without funding this just isn’t sufficient enough. This continues to be a growing problem and it seems as if holidays such as memorial day, veterans day, and many more military oriented holidays are losing their meaning or just forgotten about.

Recently the only support on social media was posted by the military, and companies otherwise just a bunch of beach pictures captioned mdw 2019 could be found. This just shows that especially with the newer generations that support for the military and those who have served. Not to mention the Army missed it’s recruiting goal in 2018 and all other branches just barely meeting it there has to be more of an incentive and support for people to join and serve.

Putting the meaning back into these holidays should happen but I just don’t see it happening and many will continue to celebrate not to remember but rather to have a good time away from work and school.