The importance of a support system

The importance of a support system

Marina Mazziotto, Reporter

Everyone will go through something horrible in their life, and will need people to support them. Even something little, such as getting frustrated because you forgot to study for a test, or having a bad day in general, is a great reason for using your supports. Anyone can use a support system for any reason, from a little kid upset over losing their favorite pencil, a teenager going through problems with their relationships with people, to adults going through serious problems. You can also use support for not only mental and social issues, but also physical. Any problem at all that’s got you down is a reason for reaching out for help or just for someone to make you smile and take your mind off it.


You can’t do everything on your own; no one can. And there’s no shame in reaching out to supports to help yourself, no matter who you are or how “strong” you think you have to be. Always trying to deal with your problems on your own or ignoring them doesn’t make you strong; it just doesn’t help you and can make things worse. Even if you can work it out on your own, what the point if you can resolve your problem much quicker and be happier sooner? Yes, you eventually get to the same place, but you can get there faster if you reach out. When you look for help, that shows true strength, because you aren’t afraid (or even if you are) to let people comfort you.


Supports can be found everywhere. They can be parents, siblings, grandparents, cousins, aunts and uncles, and friends. Supports also don’t always have to be family or close friends. They can be someone who is just an acquaintance who just brightens your mood, teachers, family friends, neighbors, guidance counselors, therapists, pets, or even helplines for mental illnesses. Most importantly, your support can always be YOURSELF! I know I just said to not always do everything on your own, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t support yourself while others are helping you. Even if you feel like you truly have nobody (which, trust me, there’s ALWAYS a way to get help, whether it’s through school, family, friends, therapy, hotlines, or other things), you will ALWAYS have yourself, which is the most important person (believe me, it’s actually true). If you need other people besides yourself but feel you don’t have anyone, you can always search up more ways to identify supports in your life on the internet.


That being said, it’s very important to have a support system (and make sure it’s POSITIVE–no one who brings you down, makes you feel bad, or makes you do things you should, such as drugs, alcohol, self-harm, getting in trouble, or other things you shouldn’t be doing that harms you), and there’s people everywhere to help you. You can’t get through everything in life on your own, and supports help you greatly, from just distracting you and making you laugh for five minutes, to helping you overcome a tragedy throughout your whole life.